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Dual boot Nook to Android micro SD cards, and a growing assortment of accessories!

Important Information  Before purchasing, make 100% certain you know what model Nook you have.  Nook Color (#BNRV200 or BNRV200A), Nook Tablet (#BNTV250 or BNTV250A), Nook HD (BNTV400), NOOK HD+ (BNTV600).  Check your model number on the back of your Nook under the speaker.  AFN will charge $3.00 for shipping when exchanging an incorrectly ordered card.

AndroidForNook downloads are an easy and affordable way to convert a card you already have to an AFN card. Simply download and install the software following the easy step-by-step instructions and within minutes your Nook is a true Android Tablet!


For download purchases, we only support SanDisk brand, class 4 or class 6 cards.  Other brands and classes do not work well and are NOT recommended, especially class 10 cards. 


32GB SanDisk Card WarningIf you purchase a new 32GB SanDisk card online, we HIGHLY recommend you stick to sellers who offer them in retail packaging.  Vendors who sell them in bulk (no packaging) may not have genuine cards.  We have had several customers who purchased counterfeit cards or cards that are not truly class 4 cards and do not work well running Android.  We offer high quality SanDisk 32gb cards or our own AFN branded class 6 cards, depending on availability.


For more information on what types of cards to use and how to test yours, see this forum thread:  Please read it before deciding to purchase a download product: http://androidfornook.com/forum/thread-68-post-186.html#pid186.

Nook HD AFN Downloads

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AFN HD (BNTV400) Recovery Plus Download
Sales price: $11.99
Nook HD (BNTV400) Android Dual Boot Download
Sales price: $11.99