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Dual boot Nook to Android micro SD cards, and a growing assortment of accessories!

Important Information  Before purchasing, make 100% certain you know what model Nook you have.  Nook Color (#BNRV200 or BNRV200A), Nook Tablet (#BNTV250 or BNTV250A), Nook HD (BNTV400), NOOK HD+ (BNTV600).  Check your model number on the back of your Nook under the speaker.  AFN will charge $3.00 for shipping when exchanging an incorrectly ordered card.

Using only high-quality SanDisk, class 4 or 32GB AFN-branded class 6 micro SD cards, we configure them with the Android 4.2.2 operating system (Jelly Bean) for the Nook HD (BNTV400).  Nothing is installed on the Nook itself, so the Android O/S runs independently right from the micro SD card.  At power up it boots to Android, by default or choose the option to boot to Nook mode from the boot menu.  With a 7" screen and 720 resolution, you can enjoy your favorite videos with stunning clarity, or make Skype calls with the built-in microphone.  Bluetooth works too - so you can use your wireless devices. Choose to purchase a preloaded micro SD card or download an image preconfigured for your own card in 8, 16 or 32GB sizes.  We only recommend SanDisk cards for the best peformance.  

Android For Nook HD (BNTV400)